allergy air purifier for mold allergies

by Jeff
(NJ )

I have a severe allergic to mold spore . Over the years I had been trying to use different kinds of air purifier for my non water issue damaged but just dampness in my basement with musty smell . Nothing so far works to combat mold spore .

Yours is interesting and yet to try it .
My only concern as of any negative ion device its tend to omit or give out some form of ozone which is bad for lungs as per EPA . It does irritates my throat and lungs whenever i tried air purifier with negative one.

Does Alive Air gives out any ozone if Im super sensitive to ozone ?

And lastly does it combat any mold spore ?

Please advise

My Response

First of all lets talk about mold and then treatment air purifiers. To get rid of mold in the basement you first have to reduce the basement of dampness. I would start with a dehumidifier. No air purifier will do much if there is continuous dampness.

Here's what air purifiers can do for mold:

1) HEPA can collect mold spores, but not kill mold
2) Negative ion (does not produce ozone) can kill mold
3) Ozone - by far the best to kill ozone. However:

It's true that ozone is the best killer for dampness, and yes it;s true that it can hurt your lungs. What you might do is buy a used ozone machine and run it when you are not at home. I do this when I have an odor or mold problem.

Here's one of interest Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Ionic Air Purifier

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