Air Tiger Ozone Generator Review

Someone asked me about the Air Tiger Ozone Generator which uses UV light to generate ozone for hydroponic and indoor plants. The benefits of using an ozone generator in your greenhouse includes removing odors from mildew, insecticides, mold, etc. It will aslo sterilize grow areas. It also claims to inhibit spider mites inside greenhouses, but I'm not sure whether that is from the Ozone harming them or the UV light itself which mites do not like.

Ozone has long been used for air purification. Ozone travels out into space and hence can easily treat large areas as the tiger does (5000 sq.ft.). While UV bulbs can be used to generate Ozone, other forms of ozone machines (non-UV) are more effective and do not need replacement as the Air Tiger ozone generator does. You can find some Chinese brands that use timed ozone.

Air Tiger Ozone Generator Dangers

The downside of Ozone, as seen in the video below, is that high levels or repeated exposure to humans and pets can irritate lungs and airways. This is especially true with asthmatics and allergy sensitive people. You may want to time the use of ozone so no one is in the area when it is being used.

Pros and Cons


1 - Uses ONLY .67 amps

2 - Easily cleaned and serviced

3 - Easily adapted to existing
duct work

4 - One year warranty

5 - Will work on odors effectively


1 - Expensive

2 - Can irritate lungs in small areas

3 - Not as effective as ozone generators which don't use replacement bulbs

4 - replacement bulbs are expensive

More Info

The Air Tiger can be installed into ductwork and uses little electricity. The nice thing about UV ozone generators is that they don't use a fan, which reduces electricity cost.

The smell of ozone is apparent, although many people like myself like the "hospital-like" cleanliness of the smell. Ozone is naturally occurring in nature, and the smell of ozone is apparent after a lightening storm which creates ozone in abundance.

Air Tiger Ozone Generator Conclusion

Ozone is a very viable, low-cost way for controlling odor, smoke, and mites. When used in moderation and proper levels it will keep your greenhouse healthier and smelling better.

Most of the online reviews of the Air Tiger reflect well on it.

What would I do for a greenhouse or indoor garden? Since ozone can be harmful to human lungs I am more inclined by adjustable ozone machines like this..

Air Tiger Ozone Generator and Other Ozone Machines

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