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In this review of air purifiers for the home I'd like to first ask: "Do you understand the ten technologies, and how they match (or fail to match) your homes needs?" That's where I find most people end up wasting money.

Please watch the video below first to learn:

1) Which of the ten types of air purifiers for the home match your homes needs

2) What size air purifier you need.

Armed with that information the comparison chart (via the left menu) can help you narrow down several air purifiers for the home that match your home's needs. Then watch the video reviews and particle tests on these model available on this site.

You'll find complete video reviews and specification information on almost every home air purifier here. To date we have tested and reviewed over two hundred air purifiers for the home.

Top 10 Air Purifier Mistakes to Look For

1 - Incorrect Type of filters. EX: If allergies are your main concern avoid electrostatic air purifiers like the Oreck. You need something with a HEPA filter, according to allergies and experts. Learn the 10 technologies first.

2 - Too small or too large. Check the square footage of your room, and the square footage of the brand name. With small rooms you can often buy 2 for the price of one large air purifier.

3 - Paying too much. Many air purifiers are overpriced for what they do and their square footage.

4 - Poor warranties. Many warranties are pro-rated, meaning if it breaks down you'll have to pay to get it fixed. Read the warranty terms first.

5 - Failing to check replacement part costs. Many companies overcharge, in my opinion, for their HEPA filters, carbon filters, and UV bulbs. But if you own their model you're stuck buying their filters so check replacement costs first.

6 - Not checking decibel levels. If you plan on using it in the bedroom make sure you look for a model that has a decibel level below 24. I've seen consumers who had to return the model at their cost by not checking for quiet.

7 - OZONE machines. As ironic as it sounds some air purifiers that produce ozone in large amounts can irritate your lungs and cause breathing problems. Ozone machines are good for smoke and odor, but the health risk is there as well.

8 - Falling for Infomercial Claims. Most infomercials need a 7 times markup - which means they are generally overpriced.

9 - Old technology. Many air purifiers, and even several expensive "top-rated" models, still use the old brush-type fan motors which use more electricity, break down faster and are noisier. Look for a brushless motor with the latest electronics.

10 - Failing to see for yourself. Watch the videos on this website to see inside each machine, the size of the filters, and particle tests.

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