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Q; Do the air purifier water filter types do a good job? I'm looking for an inexpensive way to treat my college dorm room. (Glen, Denver Colorado)

A: If you're looking to remove a little dirt and dust from the air (got allergies?) then it is better than nothing, yet not nearly as good as a small HEPA filter for dust. But for a small dorm room, and a small budget, it just might be the thing for your health. In this review I'll go into the pros/cons and brands to help you determine if a water air purifier filter is right for you.

Water: 1 of 10 Technologies

Water as a Filter

I remember the day my wife had a Rainbow Vacuum salesman in our home. I was a "goner" when I saw how well it worked. The Rainbow, which uses water as its filter, sucked the dust out of the air, the hair and dust from the carpets, and did a fine job. It also sucked $1200 out of my wallet to pay for it!

Water works pretty well as a filter for dust, pollen, and dirt in the air and we would use the rainbow water vacuum as a way to quickly clean the air on occasion.

Air Purifier Water Filter Pros and Cons

Pros 1 - Inexpensive to purchase

2 - No filters to replace

Con's 1 - Adds to humidity in the room

2 - May also increase mold/mildew

3 - Uses more energy. Primarily for small rooms as the amount of energy needed to draw air through water is greater than a HEPA filter.

Air Purifier Water Filter Models

You won't find any name brand water filters (except for the Sanyo model below)because of the downsides I mentioned. But here are some of the brands I discovered:

1) Thermax Water air purifier water filter($56)I suggest you read the reviews on Amazon before you decide (click the link below) on this model. It says it covers 800 square feet but I'm not convinced of that until I try it. It's rather small, and a little louder than I like but the reviews were positive.

2) Sanyo ABC-VW24 Air Washer ($149.95) This is the only name-brand model I found and it has a full sized air purifier feel to it. 3) EcoGecko Pure H2O Water Based Mini Desktop Air Purifier ($24-30). A bit on the pricey side for a little ball of water with a fan. The disturbing thing for me was the way it is powered - by USB port. It's a cheaper way to manufacture it (no converter from 110 needed) but most geeks won't want to take up a USB port for this thing, let alone have something with water close to the computer.


Oops! The Sanyo is a HEPA purifier which uses water to purifier the air, not to "clean" or filter the air. My mistake. One of my staff told me that there are some problems with how it cleans the air with water, and that it doesn't really use water as a filter.

So it's technically not an air purifier water filter but really a HEPA air purifier that uses electrolized water technology to purify the air.


The water based air purifiers are all made in China, and are relatively inexpensive for removing some dust and pollen from the air.

Air Purifier Water Filter vs. Traditional Air Purifiers

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