Air Purifier to remove perfume smell

by PAul

We bought a condo in VT 1 year ago - strong perfume smell in bedroom - we have an IQ Air Filter - helps some - but we want to end the smell - knock it out - ideas?


Well that stinks. Besides things like Fabreeze any Air Purifier to remove perfume smells will have to kill or disable the odor molecules which may be adhered to the walls etc. Is it really perfume or do you think it is industrial cleaner from the party that sold it?

Several options exist: Hitting it with a dose of ozone may be able to get to it. Just don't be in the room. You can often find an inexpensive Ozone machine like the one Here. Under $100 and you can use it later.

I don't think most carbon or eletrostatic nmachines would do enough to get rid of it without the air purifier on all the time.

Good Luck.

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