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Finding the right air purifier can become a daunting task. For over 30 years, I've been involved with air purifiers and have helped make recommendations for thousands of people like you. The following information is designed to shorten your learning curve to find the right air purifier for you.



Q: What exists between the top rated air purifiers and your specific needs? It could be a huge gap.

Several problems occur when it comes to anyone claiming to be, or know the best. This is true whether you look to Consumer Reports or even Amazon for Reviews.

Problem #1 - It may be well rated but may not match the problem you are having. An example would be buying an electrostatic air purifier like Oreck when you have allergies and would be better off with a HEPA filter machine.

Problem #2 - Many reviews do not show particle testing or bacteria removal testing. The video further down the page explains how this testing should occur.

Problem #3 - Most air purifier websites use their own best ratings for marketing purposes with no physical evidence to support their claims. Even Consumer Reports evaluates based on their own criteria, which often excludes brands based on volume. (IqAIR made a big issue of that a few years ago).

What's a Consumer to Do?

Here are some simple steps to doing a thorough job of investigating and evaluating which air purifier suits your needs:

#1) Determine which of the 10 air purification technologies (ie: hepa, carbon, etc.) you need.Watch the video on the home page to learn the 10 technologies.

#2) Measure or evaluate the square footage. EX: Unless you have asthma a small 14x12 bedroom does not need a large 600 square foot machine.

#3) Read the comparison chart on this website to narrow your search by brand, price, square footage and filters. Make a list of 4-5 that fit the criteria above.

#4) Watch the review page on the models you are considering for particle tests, replacement costs, spec sheets, and much more.

Air Purifier Results Review - Comparison Chart

Particle Tests Reveal: Are Air Purifiers Effective?


The steps above will lead you to making a better choice for your needs.

Breathe Well,


Air Purifier Results Review - Comparison Chart

Q: Which Air Purifier is Best for Me?

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