Air Purifier Ratings

The only way to determine precise air purifier ratings - ones that shows the true effectiveness - one must incorporate the following:

1. Particle Tests - to determine ability to remove particles like dust and pollen

2. Decibel tests - to determine the quiet levels of the machine

3. Smoke tests - to determine ability to remove cigarette, fireplace and cooking smoke

4. Bacteria, and mold tests as available

5. Independent tests from outside sources

6. Consumer feedback

7. Hands-on dissection (video)

8. Replacement filter costs - to determine the value and economy of an air purifier over time

I've tried to include as much of this data as possible on this site, including particle tests that we perform in real world situations to determine each air purifier ratings.

Other Air Purifiers Reviewed On This Site

For the air purifier brands listed on the left menu (search our site for others not listed) you'll find a condensed version of the information above with comments, videos, and Q&A.

Our overall air purifier ratings system is calculated by:

1. Technologies Included

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust)

3. Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.)

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke)

5. Longevity/Quality

6. Noise Levels

7. Ease of Use

8. Warranty

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews)

10. Price Value

At the end you'll find Questions and Answers from readers and from online reviews as available.

Air Purifier Ratings - Comprehensive Comparison Chart

I don't know why, except I have a hunch why they don't. If you can sell someone an air purifier without showing particle tests then why bother. Especially if your air purifier does not perform particularly (pun unintended) well.

For all my reviews I try to include a particle test because it's the only way to really know a machine removes dust and pollen. It shows that air purifiers really work. The only drawback is that it doesn't show how it does on germs, viruses and gases. There are other tests for those. But if pollen allergies are your problem it must test a particle test.

Also - Particle tests need to be done two ways: 1) on the outflow of the air purifier to determine if it is removing all molecules and 2) from across the room over a 1-2 hour period to determine if the air purifier is effective at lowering the numbers to near zeri.

4 Steps: How To Choose The Right Air Purifier

A few years back I wrote a comprehensive book about Air Purifiers entitled the "Consumers Guide To Air Purifiers". The book includes Video Reviews, Comparison Charts, and Money Saving Coupons. In it I also share my story - how I overcome allergies and asthma.

What most people commented on as the most helpful part of the book was the simple 4-step process which helped them choose the right Air Purifier:

STEP 1 - Learn The 10 Air Purifier Technologies - to determine which technologies are needed to solve your problem.

STEP 2 - Determine Your Square Footage - by understanding how doorways, high ceilings, and asthma affect your square footage number. This will help you avoid purchasing an air purifier that is too large, or small, to do the job.

STEP 3 - View A Current Comparison Chart to analyze which top models can match the technologies and square footage criteria that you learned in Step 1 & 2. (The comparison chart also saves you money by allowing you to compare replacement filter costs, warranties, and retail prices).

STEP 4 - Watch Video Reviews And Read My Reviews - to finalize and narrow your choice.

"This book should be called "Everything You Need to Know About Air Purifiers". It's a lot more than your average consumers guide. Richardson's vast knowledge base and personal testing experience in the field is unparalleled and his ability to condense information and make it understandable for the average reader is a pleasant surprise. If you're interested in air purifiers, you'll learn very quickly that this information is worth a lot more than it's sold for. For me the categorizing of technologies with the symptoms they deal with was most helpful. Now I know what to use for my allergies, and sensitivities to mold! Now I know how to get the most effective, cheapest, (and cheapest to maintain) air purifier. THANK YOU!"

- A.B. , Minnesota

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