Introducing Mark Richardson - Air Purifier Ratings Expert

My background:

- What makes me an air purifier ratings expert? I was severely allergic, and asthmatic as a child.

- I am now cured of allergies and asthma

- I began purchasing air purifiers at age 9, to try and get relief from asthma.

- I have personally owned, and tested, at least 112 different air purifier models since 1975. (I lost count at some point). - I’ve reviewed all the major brands, along with no name brand air purifiers (and ones you will never see in the U.S.)

- After college I practiced for several years as a Health Practitioner but found I preferred educating people on how to heal themselves.

- I have written 4 books, and have been on over 300 radio and TV stations to talk about Health, Asthma, Allergies, and Alternative Health.

- I am the author of “The Complete Guide To Natural Allergy Relief” (see the link below)

- I have done workshops for Tony Robbins Seminars on allergies and the liver at his Life Mastery Seminars.

- I have consulted with and have worked with some of the leading Natural and Alternative Health Practitioners in the world.

- I have consulted with several Air Purifier Companies (and rejected others whose product I thought needed to be changed).

- While I consider myself an “overall expert” on the subject I have a circle of friends who know more about the technical and biological aspect than I do.

- My Father was an engineer and involved with manufacturing (which explains the techno-geek side of me that likes using particle counters, decibel meters, and taking the air purifiers apart).

- I am an “air purifier insider” with direct knowledge of the Chinese factories where 99% of today’s air purifiers are now made. (EX: I can tell you how much Oreck pays for their machines and the factory where they are made, but their lawyers might take issue with me)

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Our Air Purifier Review Team

Richard – I consider Richard to be something of an electrical and physics genius. He is one of the world’s leading experts on electrical motors. At first he was a high school teacher until his electric cars started to attract the attention of celebrities in Hollywood. He then went on to design electric motors that are used on just about every electric scooter, and electric skateboard in the U.S.

His design work brought him to working with many of the top manufacturing factories in China, including most of the factories that produce the majority of today’s air purifiers (Honeywell, Oreck, Sharp, etc., etc.).

He brings technical knowledge to the site (fan motors, circuit boards, etc.) as well as insider information on other brands from where they are manufactured.

I have a list of Health Practitioners I work with and consult with who will be added shortly…

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