air purifier for pet odor

by Michael R Chase
(tampa fl)

Please let me know best purifier for my dogs. We bath both dogs each week and have tried air sticks( Mask at best) vacumn daily (hair only) so now we need to step up our odor game.



Hi. The odor that dogs have are of course a bacterial issue. Natural bacteria that is, not a health problem. You've probably also done a google search. Did you see that there are some shampoos for dogs that are specifically designed to eliminate some of the bacteria.

As for air purifiers for odor one with multiple approaches - Negative ions (also good for their health), carbon and electrostatic would be the best. You can also get a big bag of Zeloite which can be used again and again (just leave it in the sun on occassion). Zeolite is one of the bets at absorbing odors. I used to work in a car dealership and they would put those bags in the car to get rid of smell.

Hope that helps... Woof!!

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