Air Purifier for entire apartment

by Michael
(Beijing, China)

Hi mark,

I´ve just moved to Beijing and are looking into buying an air purifier.

Just want one that cleans the whole apartment if possible.

The apartment is about 600sqft and have one bedroom, living room bathrom and a small kitchen.

The one I was looking at was the Blueair 550E,it should be automatic and senses the air and adjust fan speed. The thing is that they just are so expensive here in China.

Is it possible to have one for the whole apartment?


A; The challenge is that air circulates and hence does not pass through/around doorways. My suggestion is to get several smaller air purifiers and put them in the rooms that are the most occupied (bedroom, living room, etc.)

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Nov 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

The blog was really impressive.

Nov 18, 2013
Similar issue in Shanghai
by: Anonymous

Funny I just sent an inquiry about exactly the same thing, but only read your comments after I hit send. Just moved to Shanghai in June and the pollution index today was time to get cracking on the air filter purchase (or purchases). Do you mind if I ask what you ended up buying? A lot of people here tend to have the Blue Air machines and the IQAir which are just crazy expensive in China (if not already pricey in the US)....Anyway, would be interested to hear what you chose.

A: Even if you get an inexpensive HEPA air purifier you're way ahead of the game. Next get a negative ionizer (even an inexpensive plugin one). Start there

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