air purifier for automobile fumes

by Jean
(Denver, CO USA)

Q: I have heavy pollution in the form of automobile fumes from a nearby road. What can I do?

A: There are several types of air purifier technology for car pollution. I'll make a list of some technologies to look for so you can find an air purifier for automobile fumes:

Electrostatic - This is one time when some kind of electrostatic or washable plate/grid technology is an inexpensive way to contain some of the car pollution particles. I usually recommend the grid type because it produces less ozone. The fact that it's washable makes it more affordable than Carbon or HEPA which you'll have to replace.

Negative Ion - The beauty of negative ion is that it will not only remove much of the pollution but it will enliven the air. By that I mean it will give you fresh, clean air as opposed to air filled with lots of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as often happens with indoor air.

Carbon - Carbon is good for absorbing gases and fumes but you'll want to remember to put it out in the sun every week or so so the fumes are re-released from the carbon so you can use it again and again.

Hope this helps.....

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