Air Purifier for art supply fumes

by C Kurtz

I have recently finished a 200 square foot room for my studio(8 foot studio). I am an oil painter. I have a very good venting system to outside but feel I still need an air purifier.

I use oil paints, oderless turpentine and other solvents. Have read a purifier with carbon will clean out these odors.

I am looking at the Austin Air Health Mater Jr Air Cleaner for around $400 on Dick Would this be a good solution for my needs?
C kurtz


I have several suggestions:

!) The Austin would be a good choice, give that you want to remove chemicals and fumes and for that you'll want Carbon and Zeolite more than anything. The only thing you may or may not want is the HEPA part of it, as the filters are expensive. If you want dust removal as well, then a good choice. Here is a link for a better price ($376 and frees hipping last time I looked) vai this link Austin Air Healthmate Junior Air Purifier, Black

2) The other choice would be a bag (or a box) of Zeolite which is great at absorbing fumes and odors. It's as good, maybe better, than carbon. Plus you can reuse it (unlike the air purifier filter) by putting it in the sun every week outside to let the fumes escape via the sun's heat. Once the pores of the stone (carbon or zeolite) get filled with fumes/gases/ they don't work anymore.

Here's a version of Zeolite as loose stone:

Zeostone 100% Natural High Quality Zeolite Absorbent Sand - 0.5mm to 2mm Size Natural Zeolite Sand , Mined From Japan (1.1lbs / 500grams) - For Oil & Chemical Spills, Odor Removals, etc.

Here's a reusable bag version: ZeoPack Odor & Moisture Filter, Naturally Removes Odor Using Zeolite, Keeps Food From Spoiling, Even Removes Mold-causing Bacteria, Rechargeable for Life, 2-pack, 200g

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