Air Purifier Comparison Chart - 2016

Below you will find the most current Air Purifier Comparison Chart and Video for 2016...

Watch This Comparison Chart Video First...

Getting The Most From The Chart

Further down the page there is a written version of the chart from the video. However my suggestion is to read through the 4 steps which appear after the chart. These steps will help you choose and sort through the chart in order to choose the right air purifier for your needs. You'll notice that the chart has quite a few columns which cover aspects of buying an air purifier that most people fail to consider:

Retail Price

Purification Technologies - (how many?)

Square Footage

Replacement Filter Costs

Yearly Costs

Decibel Level

Warranty Policy and Terms

Number of Speeds

Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust)

Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.)

Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke)


Noise Levels

Ease of Use

Customer Service/Reputation (reviews)

Here's the Chart...

4 Steps: How To Choose The Right Air Purifier

A few years back I wrote a comprehensive book about Air Purifiers entitled the "Consumers Guide To Air Purifiers". The book includes Video Reviews, Comparison Charts, and Money Saving Coupons. In it I also share my story - how I overcome allergies and asthma.

What most people commented on as the most helpful part of the book was the simple 4-step process which helped them choose the right Air Purifier:

STEP 1 - Learn The 10 Air Purifier Technologies - to determine which technologies are needed to solve your problem.

STEP 2 - Determine Your Square Footage - by understanding how doorways, high ceilings, and asthma affect your square footage number. This will help you avoid purchasing an air purifier that is too large, or small, to do the job.

STEP 3 - View A Current Comparison Chart to analyze which top models can match the technologies and square footage criteria that you learned in Step 1 & 2. (The comparison chart also saves you money by allowing you to compare replacement filter costs, warranties, and retail prices).

STEP 4 - Watch Video Reviews And Read My Reviews - to finalize and narrow your choice.

"This book should be called "Everything You Need to Know About Air Purifiers". It's a lot more than your average consumers guide. Richardson's vast knowledge base and personal testing experience in the field is unparalleled and his ability to condense information and make it understandable for the average reader is a pleasant surprise. If you're interested in air purifiers, you'll learn very quickly that this information is worth a lot more than it's sold for. For me the categorizing of technologies with the symptoms they deal with was most helpful. Now I know what to use for my allergies, and sensitivities to mold! Now I know how to get the most effective, cheapest, (and cheapest to maintain) air purifier. THANK YOU!"

- A.B. , Minnesota

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STEP #1: Review the 10 Technologies

People ask me all the time: "Mark, which is the best air purifier?" My answer: "The one with the filters that match your needs." Of course most can't name all 10 technologies, and how each one can (or won't) help them.

So before you start your air purifier comparison online let me ask you these questions:

1) "What are the ten available technologies?" and

2)"Which ones will help your problem?"

STEP #2: Estimate Square Footage

The second step involves the next bit of information needed when comparing air purifiers.:

1) Square ft.

2) Also how manufacturers determine square footage. The first part is fairly easy - measuring the room's length and width and multiply. If you have high ceilings add more feet onto your estimated square footage. Most air purifier square footage (as you'll find on the spec sheets for all models reviewed on this site) is based on 7 foot ceilings. For 10 foot ceilings add about 25%, Cathedral ceilings 30-40%.

Most air purifier manufacturers tend to exaggerate square footage so allow for that when comparing air purifiers. Some technology (like HEPA) requires that the air goes through the machine. Other technologies (negative ions, or Ozone) does it's work outside the machine in the room, which allows manufacturers to increase/exaggerate the numbers more easily. Most numbers are based on cleaning the air in the room once per hour.

For allergies/asthma you'll want to clean the air 2x more an hour for effective allergy relief or prevention.

STEP #3: Review the Comparison Chart

Knowing the technologies you require (step 1) and the square footage (step #2) go back to the comparison chart to choose several models that fit your criteria.

More considerations:

1) Choose 3-4 models on the chart that fit your technology and square footage needs.

2) Be careful of replacement filter costs. In my opinion most manufacturers overcharge for their replacement filters.

3) When comparing air purifiers review the warranty policy. Often warranties that sound good initially have hidden costs (EX: pro-rated policies often make the company more money).

STEP #4: Watch The Video Reviews

Now that you've reviewed the comparison chart On the left menu you'll find thorough written and video reviews, including particle tests, of most major air purifiers.

Air Purifier Comparison Conclusion

Air Purifier Comparison Reviews of the Top 10

I hope this comparison chart and suggestions help you breathe better.

Breathe Well,

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