Air Purifier Buying Guide - Review

Here you'll find Video Reviews of the Best Air Purifier System for 2015. These rating are chosen from the top 55 air purifiers on the market for the average room in a North American House.

Included in each review is:

1) Technology - which technologies are included (out of 10 available) and what they do 2) Warranty and guarantee terms

3) Square footage

4) Consumer feedback - when available

5) Replacement filter costs

6) Volume and/or noise

Which One Is Best For You?

People who call us are often confused when trying to find the right air purifier online. With many models, brands, and a ton of information online (much of it contradictory) it becomes overwhelming. Let's slow down for a moment and cover the 3 Basic steps to finding the right"air purifier":

1) Learn the ten technologies as each does something different. The home page of this site has an instructional video explaining each technology.

Your problem (pollen, pollution, dust, Mold, Allergies, fumes, Smoke, etc.) will determine which technology and help lead to the right air purifier for you. Usually - you'll want 3 or more of the 10 technologies.

2) Determine the sq. ft. of your area. Most consumers end up with the wrong size by not factoring this in. For allergies you'll want a unit bigger than what is needed to remove more dust, pollen, etc.

3) Read the comparison chart to narrow your search.

The best air purifier for 2015 is not necessarily a best seller. These reviews are presented to help you find the one that suits your needs (EX: Many air purifiers are good for smoke and odor, but not good for pollen and dust allergies). For more complete technical info you'll find particle tests and additional info on these via the left menu.

Please take the time to follow these steps in order and you'll find the Best Air Purifier for you. We'll include more top rated air purifiers, and new models on a regular basis to this list as they are sent to us for review. [ Best air purifier 2015 ]

#1 The Alive Air Purifier - $297

#2 Rabbit Air - $399

# 3 IQAIR HealthPro Air Purifier - $799

#4 Austin Air - $580

#5 Blue Air Purifier - $540

#6 Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier - $379

#7 Alen Air A350 - $399

#8 Oreck XL - $349

#9 Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier - $210

#10 Friedrich Air Cleaner - $489

Air Purifier Buying Guide Review- More Reviews

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