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It was nice to see that the Oreck company finally upgraded their Oreck XL air purifier model to include Ultraviolet light, a feature that has been around for 40 years to kill germs and viruses. If you're wondering whether I am a fan of this air purifier (or not) my answer is I appreciate them keeping clean air in the public awareness, but as purifiers go it's not my choice.

Oreck Infomercial Problems

The challenge for air purifier sold on TV is that the markup they require is generally 4-7 times the actual cost. By the time Oreck got the cost down the XL is small and lacks the best technology available. For $349 (or less) you can get twice the machine that does twice as well. TV advertising is very expensive and that factors in to the quality you get.

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Stages of Purification

Let's review the filters and technology for cleaning the air. The new Oreck has 5 stages:

Stage 1 Washable pre-filter to grab dust (you'll see this in the video)

Stage 2 Small carbon filter that removes odor (replace it every few months)

Stage 3 The Ionic plates ( they call them Truman Cells) that will attract soot and a little dust (limited with dust)

Stage 4 Negative Ionization - good for healthy air and will kill odor out in the room

Pros and Cons


1 - Finally added UV light

2 - Convenient stores and parts

3 - Washable pre-filter and truman cells


1 - Overpriced for a small 8 x 10 air purifier

2 - No HEPA (best for allergies to dust and pollen)

3 - Tiny replacement carbon filters are pricey

4 - Limited, pro-rated warranty, only 3 years

5 - Loud on high

6 - Zapping Noises

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Zapping Noise Problem

In the Oreck manual mentions the "zapping noise" problem and what to do about it. The zapping noise (sounds like a bug light zapper that some people use in their backyard) is caused by the static effect caused by the Truman cells when a piece of hair or bug gets across the plates. Washing off the plates can usually solve the problem.


Oreck Proshield Plus with Helioshield

Retail Price: $399.95

Number of technologies: 5

Sq. Footage: 216 SQ. Ft.

Carbon Filter Cost: $49.95

Operating Costs: $100

Noise Level: 28 on low

Warranty Terms - 3 year limited

Speeds - 3

Filters - Carbon, Truman, and washable Pre-filter

"Richardson" Air Purifier Rating

1. Technologies: (out of of 10 technologies) 4

2. Removing Particles (Pollen, Dust) 3

3. Immune System Help (Bacteria, Germs, Virus, etc.) 6 (pro only)

4. Gas and Fumes (Odor, Smoke, etc.) 4

5. Quality 7

6. Noise 5

7. Easy to use? 9

8. Warranty Rating 3

9. Customer Service (reviews) 2

10. Overall Cost Value 3

Score: 46 = Fair


The Oreck has finally made the addition of UV light to their air purifier. At $399 it is overpriced for a small 8x10 room air purifier. FOR ALLERGIES - Without HEPA it would be my last choice for anyone with allergies. It just won't do an adequate job on pollen or dust, despite the claims on TV.

FOR SMOKERS - But if you are a smoker then the washable truman cells would make this a potential choice for removing the smoke as a HEPA machine would become costly. This is because the HEPA filters get clogged from the tar and nicotine quickly and will hold the cigarette smell (which you are trying to get rid of). Then again if you want to get rid of smoke odor the charcoal filters won't last very long and they are very expensive for how small they are.

The link below shows the Oreck compared to other models...

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