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A woman named Joan called me one day and said she had purchased an air filter HEPA purifier for $250. A good price if you consider the technology (HEPA, Carbon, Ion, PF) and the square footage (450 sq. ft.). Then she asked me what I thought of it.

"It's a good value, but did you look at the HEPA filter replacement costs?"


"That HEPA filter has to be changed about every 4-6 months. Are you seated?".


"The cost of the replacement filter, HEPA and Carbon, is $120.00. So this air filter HEPA purifier will cost you about $250 a year to run!"

Unfortunately I've heard this story too often. In this article I will expose the most overpriced filters, models, and what some alternatives are for spending your air purifier money wisely.

HEPA Filters: Why Are They So Expensive?

I'd like to say the reason was 1) manufacturer costs, 2) quality, or 3) overhead, but it's not. It's simply a matter of greed.

If you've already bought and own a HEPA air purifier, and you need an expensive replacement HEPA filter then you're stuck either 1) finding a filter on sale 2) paying the full cost or 3) selling the air purifier and buying one with less expensive replacement filters.

Where The Air Purifier Money Is

Air Purifier Manufacturers figured out something that the inkjet printer manufacturers (and automobile manufacturers) figured out a long time ago. The money is not in the upfront cost, it's in the replacement costs.

Printer companies can sell you a little ink jet cartridge for $30.00 which cost them $1.00. Auto Manufacturers can sell you a tuneup for $200.00 (parts) which cost then $42.00.

HEPA purifier replacements can cost the manufacturer as little as $2.00 and be sold to you for $50-70.

Air Filter True Hepa Purifier Comparisons


Once you own an air purifier you're stuck paying their price for the replacement, so it's important to:

1) Look at the replacement cost before you even purchase your machine.

2) Compare Replacement prices. (A rough suggestion would be to look for a HEPA filter under $60)

I hope this helps you save money while you improve your health.

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