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Comparing air purifiers and filters can become a daunting task. For over 30 years, I've been involved with air purifiers and have made recommendations for thousands of people. The following information is designed to shorten your learning curve to find the right air purifier for you.



In my 30 years in the industry I've tried to help people avoid these 5 mistakes:

#1 - Purchasing an air purifier that fails to cover the proper square footage

#2 - Getting a good buy on an air purifier only to find the replacement filters are overpriced 6-9 months later (very common)

#3 - Choosing the wrong type of purifier for the job (EX: purchasing an electrostatic purifier, like the Oreck, for allergies only to find that without HEPA it works poorly on dust and pollen)

#4 - Having an air purifier break down, only to find a very limited or short term warranty

#5 - Purchasing a loud air purifier which keeps you awake at night


Take these 4 steps and you'll stay on track:

STEP #1: Review the 10 types of purifier to determine which fits your needs (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW or text below).

STEP #2: Look at the Comparison Chart (link at bottom or via the right menu) to match type, square footage, and problem area.

STEP #3: determine the right square footage square footage, and problem area.

STEP #4: Watch the video reviews, spec sheets, particle tests, etc. from the models that fit your criteria on this site.

You'll discover a complete review on pretty much every brand name Air Filter Home Purifier on the market. The left menu lists the top brands, and the "more" tab offers a complete list of all 85 air purifiers reviewed.

STEP #1 & 2 - 10 Technologies & Square Feet

STEP #3 & 4

STEP #3 Now that you know which technologies you want, and have your square footage calculated you can continue to the comparison chart via the left or right menu.

STEP #4 The left menu lists major brands. Each page offers specs, video and written reviews, and in many cases particle tests as well. For additional questions please send me an email via the "ask a question" link at the top of the page.

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