Air Condititioners with HEPA filers vs. HEPA Air Purifiers

by Venkatesh
(Mumbai, India)

How would you compare Air Conditioner with HEPA filers versus Air Purifiers? In my case, I would need to use the Air Conditioner only for a few months in a year, if at all. Therefore, would it be worth buying an Air Conditioner with HEPA filter and just run it on blower mode (without switching on the cooler), or does it make sense to buy a normal Air Conditioner and a separate Air Purifier? My father has Asthma and dust allergies and this would be for his room.


When it comes to an Air Conditioner with HEPA versus HEPA Air Purifiers I'd tell you that the Air Conditioner HEPA is not for the air inside the room, only for the incoming outside air. So the results are inadequate for cleaning the air inside.

The blower motors are also energy hogs, and they have to be to run the compressor, so I'd say it's not a very effective use of energy to run it without the A/C.

For your Fathers asthma and allergies I would start with a HEPA filter air purifier of some kind.


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