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After 30 years in the Air Cleaner Home Purifier industry I have watched people choose the wrong air purifier system hundreds of times. I'd like to help you avoid making that mistake. My suggestion, as the best way to begin, include these steps: STEP #1: Review the 10 types of purifier to determine which fits your needs (reviewed below)

STEP #2: Read the Comparison Chart below to choose several that match the type you need.

STEP #3: Watch any video reviews, spec sheets, particle tests and ratings from those models on this site to make your decision.

You'll discover a review on pretty much every brand name Air Cleaner Home Purifier on the market from the left menu. A complete list of air purifiers reviewed is available on the site can be found using the link below:

Air Cleaner Home Purifier Comparisons

5 Mistakes

The 5 mistakes most consumers make when choosing an air purifier:

1 - Buying an air purifier that does not cover adequate square footage

2 - Discovering that the replacement filters are overpriced on the model purchased

3 - Choosing the wrong technology for the job (EX: buying an Oreck to get rid of dust when the Oreck does not include a HEPA filter, and hence is inadequate for dust)

4 - Failing to review the warranty terms

5 - Purchasing an overpriced infomercial model

STEP ONE:  Learn The TEN Technologies

There are 10 primary Purifier technologies available. The video below covers all 10 and what they help.

To Review:

#1 HEPA - For Particles including dust and pollen

#2 UV light - To Kill germs, viruses, and bacteria

#3 Active Carbon - For Gases: smoke, chemical fumes, and odors

#4 PreFilters - For large particles: Pet Hair, hair and Dust

#5 Tio2 - Improves UV effect making it much more effective

#6 Ozone - Great for Gases: Smoke, odor, mold (But can hurt lungs)

#7 Negative Ions - Can remove some smoke and pollution but more important has a positive effect on the physical body (better sleep, breathing, and more energy)

#8 Electrostatic Plates - pollution (soot), smoke, odor

#9 Water - Can gather dirt, hair and dust.

#10 Ionizers - Collects pollution and will kill some odor and smoke.

Keep a list of the technologies you want as you look at the comparison chart to find models matching your needs.

Air Cleaner Home Purifier Comparison Chart

Watch the Reviews

From the link below (or the menu) you can find complete reviews on all major brands. These reviews include:

1) Spec Sheets

2) Pros and cons

3) Video reviews

4) Written reviews and comments

5) Particle tests for many popular models

Best Wishes finding the right air purifier for you.

Breathe Better,


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