Air Breeze Ionic Purifier Silent or Not?



The downfall of the Air Breeze Ionic Purifier Silent model. While it's no longer available for sale (in it's original version) many other ionic type air purifiers have taken it's place. The original was removed from TV by the Federal Trade Commission several years ago because of ozone dangers. While the infomercial made the terms "Ionic Breeze" and "Breeze ionic" synonymous with "purifier" the ionic type is really just one of 10 types of air purification.

Sharper Image went belly-up because the Ionic Breeze infomercial was the only thing paying for the Sharper Image stores. Searching for "Air Breeze Ionic Purifier Silent" and you'll find a website selling a different model under the Ionic Breeze name but it's not the original model.

Silent Claims

The Ionic Breeze infomercial said "It's Silent", and "Runs on pennies a day". Here's why:

1. Because it has no fan, and hence no motor, the ionic breeze used whatever natural air flow happens in the room. With no motor it doesn't do much to clean the air. It simply counts on the negative ions (and ozone) to kill odor.

2. Without a motor it's true it runs on pennies a day.

How It Cleans

Only 1 stage of cleaning:

Washable Plates Also called truman cells these washable ionic plates attract + and - particles from the air. Good for soot and smoke. But because dust and pollen has very little charge I wouldn't recommend it for pollen or dust.

Pros and Cons


1 - Portable, and uses little power - Energy efficient


1 - No HEPA. Needs HEPA to help pollen and dust.

2 - Generates ozone (harmful to lungs)

3 - No help for germs, bacteria, or viruses

4 - With no fan it moves very little air

5 - Some complain that the red light is too bright for sleep

6 - Plates need cleaning every 4 to 5 days

9 - It can create a black wall effect if left too long in one place

10 - Sparking and cracking noises may develop when plates are dirty

Final Thoughts

I don't recommend the Air Breeze Ionic Purifier Silent Model. It is not available new or for repairs.

Watch the reviews and see the comparison chart on this site for my suggestions.

Air Breeze Ionic Purifier Silent Comparisons

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