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To choose the air best home purifier , at the best price, I am going to suggest watching the video below. This way you can determine which technologies you want, and also what the square footage is. Once you have the tech you want then reading our handy comparison chart (see the left menu for it) and watching our comprehensive video and written reviews will help you choose the right one for your needs.

If you know the technology, and just want to begin watching the air best home purifier video reviews on each model you'll find them via the left menu. We have tested and reviewed over 200 models to date.

Most Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Purchasing Air Purifiers

1 - They choose air purifiers that are too small for the area they are trying to cover

2 - They choose the wrong technology. The most common example is purchasing an Oreck Air Purifier which can handle smoke and odor but which does a poor job on dust and pollen because it fails to include HEPA. Hepa is what Doctors recommend most.

3 - They pay too much. Air Purifiers are very profitable, and the infomercial models are very overpriced.

4 - They fail to look at the replacement filter costs. Most air purifier companies overcharge for their replacement HEPA filters and UV bulbs. The comparison chart on this website shows the different prices of these. Every 6-9 months you will have to pay for these filters. Some less expensive air purifiers can actually cost you more once you factor in filter costs over time.

For Allergies - Make Sure It Is Tested

If you have allergies to pets, pollen or dust then you'll want to make sure that the air purifiers you are looking at offer particle tests. This is the only way to properly determine whether an air purifier will remove the dust and pollen causing your allergies.

So while almost all HEPA air purifiers should remove allergens down to "0" you'll find some that do not. You'll see particle tests done in real time on many of the models reviewed on this site. To find the air best home purifier for allergies make sure you watch the particle tests.

For Dust - Make Sure It Has HEPA

While electrostatic air purifier and ionizer tout that they help with dust the fact is that HEPA filters, a cloth like filter similar to those you'll find by your furnace, are the better choice. Electrostatic plates or truman cells simply do not attract and hold very much dust.

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