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The right air base business home purifier can not only remove dust and pollen it can also increase your mental performance if it includes the right technologies.

In this article we'll cover the best choices for your office for cleaning and for performance. I'll also make some recommendations for both a small office and large room air base business home purifier as well.

Negative Ions: Increase Mental Clarity and Energy

Ever wonder why many people get answers to problems in the shower. A hot shower produces lots of negative ions which improves brain function. Negative ions are naturally occurring in nature, in fact without them we would die. High concentrations of negative ions are found around moving water (oceans, rivers, and showers) and in the wilderness. On the other hand levels indoors and in cities are very low.

Much of the research on negative ions was done in Russia and Europe which confirmed improvements in energy levels in the body and brain. Negative ionizers are also used to improve breathing problems like asthma.

For these benefits I have a small "negative ionizer" to my office which has increased my mental clarity and endurance for work. The one I have is a small plugin model which looks a lot like a little plugin air freshener. I also have one in my bedroom - because it helps me feel more refreshed in the morning.

HEPA is the Best Filter For Pollen and Dust

For effectively removing and gathering dust or pollen your home purifier must include a HEPA filter. HEPA is a cloth-like filter which holds the particles in the air when it passes through.


To effectively clean the air in your office at home, and increase your mental performance, make sure you include both HEPA filters and negative ions in the air purifier you choose.

Below is a video of a small air purifier which includes HEPA and negative ipns. It will cover small office spaces.

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