Aerus Lux Guardian Air Purifier Review

by Allan

This is a request for product quality.

I can buy a Aerus Lux Guardian Air Purifier (from Aerus/Electrolux for $1500
and would like to know if you have reviewed it and if it is worth it.

I am looking for a full-house air purifier

Thank you,
Allan V. Kotmel


First off - unless your house is one big room then this will not clean the whole house. When you said full house I thought you were talking about an A/C duct air purification system (which by the way don't work very well).

The problem - air circulates. So if there are doors an air purifier in one room will not do a good job through doorways. No matter how many square feet, how large, powerful, etc. Unfortnately you're better off witha small air purifier in small rooms and a large in large.

Try some of the more affordable air purifiers listed.

Plus... $1,500 for a high powered electrostatic that claims to be better than HEPA? Don't expect it to collect more dust or pollen that a HEPA. It won't. Plus the 2,000 square feet is not based on "through the machine" it is based on ions or Ozone.

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Jul 17, 2018
Nor worth the 3,000 we spent NEW
by: Patricia Jinks

So we had a guy come to our house and he did a in home showing when he first put the air purifier in our bedroom and we had closed the door for one hour went back in there yes it did smell different what had did it for me was the vacuum the vacuum is great but these air purifiers do not work they are not worth the $3,000 that we have spent I have been trying to get ahold of them because I do not want them they are not worth the money that they say they are or electric bill has gone up $100 a month since we have gotten these and I know this because we've had everything else checked in our house we've got a new windows do doors everything is insulated I am not satisfied whatsoever I am waiting on a phone call back because I cannot find the phone number to call them very unsatisfied customer

Mar 07, 2018
ActivePure Technology NEW
by: Anonymous

It is the only line of air purifiers that have ActivePure Technology. Aerus created this technology for NASA. The Aerus line of air purifiers was also recently purchased for most Major League Baseball locker rooms.

ActivePure Technology is proven to destroy airborne and surface viruses, mold, fungus, volatile organic compounds, and bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli, and Staph.

Current Press Releases:

ActivePure Technology:

Aerus DC/Metro Facebook:

Oct 15, 2017
ures NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't really have a comment, I am interested in
the aures, beyond air purifier,i am trying to see what someone else have to say

Sep 08, 2017
aerus lux guardian NEW
by: anitaneetsadams3@gmail

hi i have the small room aerus lux guardian and the tower that goes withit for large areas. my mom passed so i have need for them i will sell them. if interested email me ty

Jul 17, 2017
Guardian Lux Platinum Purifier NEW
by: John Miles

I have a Guardian Lux Platinum Purifier that I am selling for $500 right now. It is about a year old. Honestly, I just really need the money right now. It's in excellent condition but could probably use a new filter. Email me if you are interested. Thanks!


Apr 18, 2017
Beyond by Aerus NEW
by: Anonymous

Air lux is older technology. Check out the beyond by Aerus. Your Aerus distributor can actually monitor system and show you what it's doing in your own special circumstance.

Mar 06, 2017
Lux Guardian Air Purifier NEW
by: Anonymous

Is there anything you can prove to show that this machine would not do 2000 sq feet? Ok how is it possible that one central unit can cool a whole house in an hour, I'll give you an example the air intake. So if this machine is able to intake 2000 square feet per hour wouldn't you think it would be able to clean 2000 square feet per hour.

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