Fresh Air Air Purifier Review

Retail Price: $725-899


When it comes to the fresh air air purifier by Ecoquest I have both good and bad feelings. While there are several problems they work well for (namely mold , smoke and odor) there are potential health issues with these models. As ironic it is that an air purifier could hurt your health it's true.

Ecoquest has become the Vollara Brand. This is a MLM company that bought out Ecoquest. Earlier it was called Living Air and before that I first knew it as then Alpine Air Purifier Company.

Why did it change identities so often? it's because of the issues they had with these fresh air air purifiers creating Ozone. (The most recent change to Vollara might have been financial, I'm still trying to find out). These name changes has allowed them to steer clear of government shutdowns when lung problems occurred from ozone. Herein lies the problem; too much ozone can harm lungs. For an explanation of Ozone watch the video below.

What I have always loved about Ozone generators like the fresh air air purifier is the ability to kill mold and odor. It's the best in that regard. However it won't help allergy suffers with dust or pollen, and can be deadly for asthmatics. I have one I have used to treat mold problems, staleness, smells, and I loved "shock treating" a room to make it feel fresh. I just don't recommend it as my everyday air purifier, and I stay out of the room when I use it.

SHOCKING THE ROOM WITH OZONE: Here's how I've used my Ecoquest purifier for many years: Every week I put it on in a room for several hours. Then I open the door to let the ozone dissipate for several hours. I do this to my bedroom and bathroom, and any room like the basement with a moldy or mildewy smell.

Stages of Purification

Now let's take a look at the filters and technology in the Fresh Air Air Purifier:

Stage 1 Lint Screen with impregnated carbon

Stage 2 Ozone

Stage 3 Washable HEPA filters

Stage 4 Tio2

Stage 5 UV

Pros and Cons


1 - Best for Mold Killing

2 - Great for clearing smoke

3 - Good way to purify a room

4 - The addition of a small HEPA and UV adds dust and germ elimination


2 - Ozone is a problem for asthmatics and sensitive people

3 - Expensive Uv bulb and plates (maintenance)


5 - Loud on High speed

Specifications and Technologies

Fresh Air Air Purifier

Retail Price: $ $725-899

Purification Technologies: 3-5

Square Footage: 20,000 SQ. Ft.

Replacement Filter Costs: UV = $25 (6 months). Ozone Plates $30-60 (1-2 years)

Yearly Costs: $60-80

Number of Speeds - 3

Filters - 2

"Richardson" Air Purifier Rating

1. Technologies Included: (out of of 10 technologies) 4

2. Particle Removal (Allergens, Dust) 5

3. Immune System Threats (Germs, Virus, etc.) 5 (with added Tio2/UV)

4. Gas Removal (Odor, Chemicals, Smoke) 9

5. Longevity/Quality 9

6. Noise Levels 5

7. Ease of Use 10

8. Warranty 0

9. Customer Service/Reputation (reviews) 4

10. Price Value 3

Score: 54 = Fair

Fresh Air Air Purifier - Conclusion

I like this Model for mold and treating a room. I don't like the ozone for everyday use or for pollen, dust. However today there are smaller, less-expensive Chinese ozone air purifier models which do as well but cost less than the MLM models from Vollara, Ecoquest.

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