Honeywell 2ccleaner Air Hepa Purifier


OVERVIEW: The Honeywell 2ccleaner air hepa purifier is best for dust and pollen. However HEPA air purifiers and their filters are often overpriced.


Joan called me one day and said she bought a Honeywell 2ccleaner for $250. She asked me how I felt about it.

"It's a good value, but did you look at the HEPA filter replacement costs?"

Joan replied "No". "A HEPA filter has to be replaced usually every 4-6 months. Are you sititng down?".


"The cost of the filter is $120 bucks. So this will cost you about $250 a year to operate!"

I've seen this s happen all the time.

Why Are Filters So Expensive?

Q: I have the Honeywell Hepa Purifier and the filters are very expensive. Why?

A: It's not manufacturing the filter that costs money - they are inexpensive to make. It's simply a matter of greed. Some companies make most of their money on replacement HEPA filters, and consumers can often spend more for filters within 2 years than they did for the purifier itself.

Once you've bought an air purifier (The honeywell 2ccleaner air hepa purifier is not the only overpriced one) then when it comes down to replacing the filter you're stuck either 1) finding one on sale 2) paying full price or 3) selling it and buying one with less expensive replacement filters. 

Where The Air Purifier Money Is

Air Purifier Makers figured out what computer printer makers knew a long time ago. The money is not in the original purchase but in the backend purchases. This also true for automakers.

A small ink (or laser) cartridge for $30-80 cost about $2.00 to make. Auto tuneups for $200.00 (parts) cost on average $42.00.  

HEPA filters can cost the manufacturer on average $5.75 and are sold for $50-70.  

Q: Which Air Purifier is Best for Me?

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